Change the world through technology and the arts.

You are a team of entrepreneurs who want to change the world through technology and the arts. Design and/or create a prototype that enhances the arts, improves access to the arts, or uses the arts. Be prepared to present to a team of judges and convince them why your hack is going to disrupt an industry.

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Judging Criteria

  • Overall Quality of Idea & Delivery
    Project addresses problem statement, is innovative, and is communicated effectively.
  • Creativity / Use of the Arts
    Project has high creativity, design and originally with strong ties to the arts. Arts includes but is not limited to: print, architecture, gaming, VR, digital design, music, dance, theater.
  • Technical Maturity
    Project has a high level technical maturity. Examples of how this can be achieved are: sophistication of implementation, working prototype, integration of hardware and software, and/or diverse use of APIs endpoints.
  • Impact and Business Viability
    Project is a viable business idea (for profit or nonprofit) and could potentially disrupt or significantly improve the particular aspect of the world in question.